A company in its third generation and still at the cutting edge.

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Professional qualifications at ASSMANN

There is no doubt that the first steps into the professional world mark a completely new phase in life. This is why young people should think long and hard about which apprenticeship or degree course they would like to begin.

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Industry 4.0

Digitally networked machinery produces 1.5 million wooden components since the end of 2012

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Sit / stand tables

A convenient switch: work sitting down or standing up – for a healthier posture in the office.

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Acoustic solutions

Creating calm. Acoustically effective solutions for furnishings, structured interiors, walls and ceilings.

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A tidier environment thanks to an efficient use of space. Highly effective miracles of compact design.

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Cabinets / shelves

Cabinets and shelves create more than just storage space. They shape the look of office environments and individual workplaces.

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Integrated equipment / workplace organisation

The perfect balance between openness and private space – concentrated work, even in the thick of things.

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Lounge furniture

Modern office design to feel at home in, allowing better communication and relaxation.

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Project report Open-plan office space...

Blog  |  08.02.2018

Modern working practices and state-of-the-art office spaces – welcome to GISA GmbH

Good trip, good work, good result

Blog  |  15.01.2018

ASSMANN driver have been distinguished for their sustainable driving style

Vacant Positions


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